When your wellbeing is out of whack!

I (Amy) have felt like a bit of a fraud lately. We have a blog where we write about life balance and wellbeing and quite frankly my balance has been out of whack for a while now and it has impacted my wellbeing. Some areas of my wellbeing actually felt OK… Financial wellbeing was onRead more ⟶

Top tips for a lagom Spring clean

We’ve not blogged for a few weeks – this lock down has been hard going and the last few weeks have seemed the hardest – we’ve needed to give our bodies and minds time to rest. But this week feels different – the sun has been shining, the temperature is slowly rising, and Spring isRead more ⟶

Top 5 tips to reduce food waste

Did you know that UK households create 7.2 million tonnes of food waste each year (that is £7.5 billion worth of wasted food) – 4.4 tonnes of that could have been eaten if stored and portioned correctly and 50% of food sent to landfill could be composted? Food waste dumped on landfill sites produces methaneRead more ⟶

Top 5 items to de-clutter

In the UK we are back in a national lock down. It is January, cold, grey, and often wet which makes it harder to get outside. If you have extra time on your hands and what to do something productive, why not use this time to have a go at de-cluttering? Taking the action toRead more ⟶

Our top 10 sustainable swaps for the bathroom

Since we have been living lagom we have made several changes to live more sustainably and support our environmental wellbeing. The bathroom was the first room in our house that we de-cluttered and also the first place we started making sustainable swaps. There are still some products that one or both of us hasn’t foundRead more ⟶

Top 5 tips for starting to live La Vida Lagom

Tip 1: Identify the dimension(s) of your wellbeing that feel most unbalanced Take a look at our 8 dimensions of wellbeing page. Are there any areas where you are not feeling balanced? Are there any areas that are skewing the time available for the other dimensions? Are there any dimensions currently missing from your life?Read more ⟶